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3 parts: margin rate,
break-even point,
commissions paid...

What discount can you give?
How much do you earn per product sold?
How many days does it take your business to turn a profit?
What is the total fee charged by your payment gateway?
What purchase price allows you to obtain sufficient margins for your sector of activity?

Easily calculate the answers to all these questions and more!

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Some Features™ Business Calculator was created with passion by a small French team, with one leitmotif: efficiency and flexibility of use. But also a golden rule: respect for your confidentiality.


Automatic calculations

Change any data and™ Business Calculator immediately displays the effects on the other criteria.

Intuitive use

The™ Business Calculator interface is simple and flexible. You have access to all indicators at a glance.

No data collected

They only concern you: absolutely no data is sent to us by your™ application.

Help with KPIs

You don't know what this or that performance indicator corresponds to? Clear explanations accompany you.

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Yes. You can use the sharing tool to copy the data, send it by e-mail, share it with other applications...

A legitimate question, because we were able to try apps whose calculations were wrong! Yes: the calculations are correct. And if you find the slightest defect, do not hesitate to let us know: an update will then be implemented immediately.

The data entered remains saved so that you do not have to enter it again each time. For example, it would be tedious to enter, every single time, the company's fixed costs (for the calculation of the break-even point). Warning: touching the reset button resets all data on the page.

Yes. In the application, you find statistical data by sector of activity. This gives you benchmarks for your business.

Yes. Templates of the fees levied by PayPal and Stripe are included for the "Commissions" part of™ Business Calculator. Other models will be added as needed.


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